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As a small business owner in Acadiana practicing law in specialized areas (Social Security Disability and Veterans' Benefits) with both local and national competitors, having a professional web presence and using online marketing tools are essential. And due to the rapid pace of change in online marketing and search, I am pleased to have the professionals at Wide Web Marketing to guide and advise me. Their expertise enables me to spend more of my time practicing law and helping my clients.

I have worked with Wide Web Marketing since 2010, when they launched my firm's first website. I selected Wide Web Marketing because of the quality of their work and their technical expertise but also because it is a local, client-focused business. In 2010, I met with Jared personally before he designed my website, and in 2015, while redesigning my website, I met with Jared, Michelle, Kelli, and Kori on multiple occasions to ensure that the new design met my needs and would help me accomplish my online goals.

I find a there is a huge advantage in having a local company design and manage my website. They are responsive and available; the inevitable changes needed to the site are made quickly and my questions about how to fix a blog post are answered timely. Moreover, I receive competent advice and feedback regarding the effects of my online marketing, including new site content and social media posts. On a quarterly basis, I meet in person with Wide Web Marketing to discuss the performance of my website and my online marketing.

Putting up a visually compelling website is only the first step; next, you have to get people to view it, and this step is more difficult and takes protracted effort. Wide Web Marketing has the expertise to help you do both.

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