A Wide Web Project - Start to Finish

A Wide Web Project - Start to Finish

Wonder what it's like to work with us? Let me walk you through a typical project with Wide Web and who you'll meet along the way!

Step 1 - Discovery

The first team members you'll likely meet are our owner, Jared and marketing strategist, Kori. They specialize in figuring out what your specific needs are for your project. Through a series of questions, they’ll determine your primary marketing goals, target market or audience and any specific features or applications needed for your site. They’re great listeners and want to learn as much as possible about your services and products so our team can propose the best solution for your goals and budget.

Step 2 - Planning & Purpose

Many smaller steps that will ultimately determine the workflow of your project will occur during this phase. Using what we learned during discovery, Helena or I will create a proposal that outlines all the parts needed to build your website and reach your marketing goals. Plus, since one of us will be your project manager, it gives us an opportunity to become familiar with your needs and goals from the beginning. Next, Charmaine, our search marketing strategist, will evaluate your current online marketing efforts along with competitors to ensure our recommended efforts and strategies are in line with your goals. This phase consists of the following:

  • Planning your Site Map
  • Determining Development Needs
  • Recommending Internet Marketing Services

Your proposal will provide not just a cost for your project but will also serve as our road map for reaching your marketing goals.

Step 3 - Content & Design

Once we have an approved proposal, your project manager will schedule a project kick off meeting to review the proposed site map, timeline, and content suggestions. In this meeting you’ll also meet Courtney, our designer, to define the look and feel of your website. Your project manager will also walk you through the review and approvals process used during the website build. We will take this time to review your competitors' websites and look at examples of site/features that you like and dislike. After this initial meeting we'll get started on the design of your website while you gather the text and imagery based on your site map and content strategy.

Step 4 - Development

You may never meet our development team (Cory, Stephen and Kaitlin) in person but rest assured your project is in good hands. The approved site map will be implemented on your demo site. Optimized page titles and meta descriptions written by Charmaine and Chrissy will be added to your pages. Your approved design will be implemented and you'll receive a link to your demo site so you can watch the progress of your site being built. We expect to have all your content by this step but if not, we will continue plugging in your text and imagery as the site is developed and your project manager will keep you updated on items needed to finish the site.

Step 5 - Review, Testing & Launch

Before going live with your new site, we’ll put it through a thorough cross-browser review; testing it in Firefox, Chrome, Safari and various versions of Internet Explorer / Edge. Additionally, we proofread and click through all your pages and links. Our goal is to deliver the best user experience possible to your audience. Once our testing is complete and you approve the site, we're ready to launch!

Step 6 - Training & Follow-up

Don't worry, we won't build your site and then run away. I will personally train you and your team on how to update the site on your own and share best practices for website content, imagery and analytics. Need help after training? Kaitlin responds to all support requests within 48 business hours! Once training is completed, your back full circle with Kori who will be ready to start online marketing services we’ve recommended such as monthly search engine optimization, social media marketing, local directory marketing and pay-per-click advertising. We'll go over the internet marketing process in more detail next time!


I hope knowing more about what to expect when working with Wide Web encourages you to contact Kori or Jared to get started. Our team is ready to update your website and help grow your business through search marketing.