Social Media: Why?

Social Media: Why?

Social Media marketing is important for your business.

People hear that they "have" to be on social media and their brains go to the worst thought,

"I have to be on every platform and I have to be good at all of them."

FALSE! Not every social media platform makes sense for every business.

Example 1: You own a boutique with casual clothes, designer shirts and jeans, and your target audience is women specifically, ages 18-30. You don't need to bring your photos and posts to LinkedIn (where the business people are). Instead, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are where you want to be.

Example 2: You own a staffing agency that caters to every type of business and every type of position in Lafayette. You may want to target businesses to let them know you exist on LinkedIn, while you may be targeting people who need jobs on Facebook or Twitter.

If you decide that you want to try to tackle this whole social media thing, you may get crazy and start thinking about #hashtags for your business! WOAHHH. Festivals Acadiens is a local festival that has incredible music, incredible food and incredible arts and crafts. The hashtag that they used for this past year was #FestBonTemps, which can be found on Twitter and Facebook by just simply searching the hashtag. But let's slow down, we'll cover more on this topic later...

How do I know where to begin with social media for my business?

This is not something that you have to do alone. We basically live online and breath social media all day long, so we would LOVE to share some of our knowledge on how we can help you get started on your social media marketing and what can be done to keep you up to date!

The hardest part of social media is coming up with content and then scheduling it out. Start by thinking about information that people typically don't know about your industry and put it into simple sentences. For example, as an online marketing company we might start with some simple posts such as:

  • Did you know that blogging two times a month is helpful for website SEO?
  • SEO is "Search Engine Optimization," which affects where your website shows up on search engines.
  • Outside links that link to your website make your website more credible, which helps with SEO.
  • Google sends out little spiders to crawl your website several times a month to see if you have new information on your website. New content = bonus points on your Google score!

I understand what you mean, but what? How? When? Every day?

Breathe in and out. One more time... Okay. Some websites say to post several times a day (DON'T STOP READING), some say to post at least one time a week (KEEP READING). We say that you want to post at least three times a week and that's taking it really really easy on you. The idea is to post interesting, engaging information. If you post things that are not interesting and are not engaging, you're wasting your time and your reader's time. Remember, the point is to be SOCIAL. Think about what you're interested in, maybe it's Apple. Apple Music has a Facebook page where they keep people updated on new types of music that trends (another topic for another post). That is a topic that at least 1.6 million people are interested in (according to their "likes"). They post several times a week, sometimes several times a day, but it's INTERESTING.

Start slow, start small, start with a plan. Or call us and we'll do that for you.