Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

It can be cheap and you can REALLY target who you want.

Advertising on social media platforms allows you to set a pretty low budget, like $5/day low. This is great, because you can "boost" a post for $20 and it'll last for 4 days. If you're running a special or a one-time deal, social advertising is a good way to push the information.

Facebook Advertising: Boost a Post or your Page

Boost a post: You really have unlimited characters in a Facebook post, but you want to keep it short and sweet.

Answer the following questions in a post that you'd like to boost:

  • Why does this matter to the consumer?
  • How will it save them time/energy/money?
  • What does it mean to the consumer?
  • Is this fun or interesting?
The thing about social media is, it's social. If you can bring emotion into a post, do it. If you can save people time, energy and money, tell them about it. They want to know. Plus, it won't cost you much to reach a ton of people. The minimum amount that you can spend per day is $5. Set your target audience, set your total budget and run with it!

This is an example of a good post highlighting a discount:

Example of good social media advertising

Target used February 29th to do a 29% off deal for 29 products. Use holidays and special days to promote something that you're offering. In addition this post answers all of the questions we asked above.

Boost a page: This boosts your Facebook page as a whole.

You are able to edit some information, like the description of the page, an image, small things. This is to get people to like your page instead of an individual post. If you're angry because your competitor has more page likes than you, try this out. Boosting a page can be more expensive than boosting a post. Pay attention when you're setting your daily budget, it's a little different than a daily budget for a post. 

Facebook offers other types of advertising solutions depending on your goals. Perhaps you would like to use Facebook to drive online sales. For this you could use a combination of boosted posts and remarket to past website visitors. Maybe you want to raise brand awareness, Facebook helps you do this by running an ad to send people to any page on your website.

The other thing to keep in mind:

If you get people to your page through advertising, make sure that you're posting interesting information. It doesn't help at all to have 30,000 likes if they aren't seeing anything on your page. Have a plan for your social media marketing, get it mapped out and continually check your insights to see how your posts are doing.

LinkedIn Advertising

There are a ton of different options, levels and areas to advertise in with LinkedIn. The most important part of LinkedIn advertising, in my opinion, is selecting the right audience and showing them what they need to see. Sprout Social has a complete guide to LinkedIn advertising that explains everything really well.

Don't sweat it.

Play around, ask questions, try to boost a couple of things and see how they do. With social media, it's so important to review analytics regularly to see how people are reacting your information. Look at your insights to see what's working well and what isn't, then adjust.