Our Team: Kori LeCompte

Our Team: Kori LeCompte

Hey there, I'm Kori!

I was born in Baton Rouge, lived in Morgan City through fourth grade, then my parents decided to move to Lafayette! I attended Prairie Elementary, Edgar Martin Middle School, Acadiana High and UL Lafayette. You can pretty much say that I'm a living, breathing, walking Cajun. I love rice and gravy, pasta, boudin and crawfish. I am married to Jeramy LeCompte, the most handsome man on the planet and we have two dogs, Zero and Jude, who are our furbabies.

I worked in Broadcasting for most of my working-life. I was a News Reporter at a local television station, produced television shows, commercials and promotional materials. I worked at a local radio station as a weekend DJ and loved that - free tickets to ALL of the concerts and as you can imagine; there was a TON of personality. Then I worked for a company that managed television stations across Louisiana, Texas and Illinois. I managed over 100 Facebook pages with this company. In fact, a co-worker and myself started social media for that company. It was a really really great experience that was ended by a buyout.

When I met with Jared Allardyce, Partner at Wide Web Marketing, he asked me all kinds of questions about my knowledge of websites and internet marketing. The short answer was "Nothing!" He thought that I would be a good fit because I love people and I would mainly be working with clients.

I dabbled in analytics for Facebook and websites at my last job, but not nearly to the extent that I do at WWM. I've learned so much that I feel like I understand almost everything and I'm not as scared of breaking things. My favorite part of the job is our clients, I know that it sounds cheesy, but I love hearing about their families, their businesses, their interests, etc. Relationships are a big deal to me. We're working together, so we might as well get along and talk about fun stuff, too, right? I think so!

I love the team at Wide Web and would recommend this company even if I wasn't working here because the values of WWM are honesty, transparency and hard work. That's why I came to work here and that's why I show up every day. I hope to get to meet you soon if we haven't met already!