Our Clients, Our Heroes

Our Clients, Our Heroes

The flood.

Everyone has heard about the disastrous flood that happened the weekend of August 14th, 2016. It was a weekend that brought about new records for the state, but awful records. Thousands of people are without homes and are trying to figure out how to put the pieces of their lives back together. 

We'd like to recognize the clients that we call heroes, in no particular order.

Stephen Gaubert

Stephen Gaubert came out of the gates running to let people know what to do in a flooding situation. The information was extremely helpful to a multitude of people in the state. It was shared 308 times and was seen by 26,000 people! Since this post, Mr. Gaubert has continued to point people in the direction of where they can find help during this time. We are proud of what he contributed to this cause.


The Lemoine Company

If you ask anyone who works for this company, their focus is on people. The Lemoine Company opened up all three of their locations as drop off sites for donations. In addition they are resourceful and are equipped to handle major commercial repairs. We would be glad to recommend them to anyone and everyone! Visit their disaster recovery page to learn more.

Our Lady of Lourdes and the Lourdes Foundation

This organization steps up to the plate when it comes to supporting their team. Many of their employees were flooded and so the goal was to provide help to them. How great is it to know that the organization that you work for puts you first in disaster relief efforts? Great! They've also set up a page to accept donations for their Employee Assistance Fund.

Andrus Boudreaux - Complete Title

The staff at Andrus Boudreaux have the kindest hearts. When going through a major disaster, you don't think about notary services for insurance claims or the things of that sort. Fortunately, Andrus Boudreaux thought of that for us. They offered free services to victims of this terrible disaster. 

Acadian ENT

This company consists of an incredible team of doctors, nurses and staff. Their skin department is incredible! How can a skin department help during a flood? By giving facials and donating ALL of the proceeds to those affected by the flooding. Will there be another opportunity to help in this way? "Like" their Facebook page to keep up! You may be in luck. 

Brian's Furniture

Mr. Brian and his wonderful family are exactly who you'd think of when you think of Louisiana neighbors. They know what it's like to go through hard times and that's exactly why they're here to help! Thousands of people are in the market for new furniture, so what a way to step in and help!

JohnPac, Inc.

This is what they do. They provide sandbags to the National Guard during floods. This does not only happen when it's in their home state of Louisiana, it works the same way in flood areas across the country.


When you're working in home without air conditioning, worried about pulling up floors that are soaked, the last thing that you think about is food. Burgersmith brought free burgers and hot dogs to flood victims with the help of Verizon! If you've had anything at Burgersmith, you know what a treat this was!

Thankfully our team made it through the floods without any major damage. So many people, including some on our team, have stepped up to the plate to help neighbors, families, and friends in our community, but we wanted to take a moment to spotlight our incredible clients; our neighbors helping neighbors.

We Salute You,

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