It's LIVE! - Spray Systems

It's LIVE! - Spray Systems

Spray Systems is a premier manufacturer of custom spray paint booths for the aerospace, industrial manufacturing, large equipment and automotive industries. We're proud to introduce their new website at Congratulations!

What Changed?

Spray Systems had an existing site built on Adobe Business Catalyst. However that site wasn't taking advantage of the full range of functionality offered by the platform. Eventually, as Spray System's content grew and grew, their site structure also became a little jumbled resulting in confused visitors and probably, confused search engines as well. Through numerous meetings and outlines, we worked with Spray Systems to define an organized page structure for the new site.

  • Modern Design - While we didn't do a complete redesign, we did modernize the design they had and adapted it for responsive site development.
  • Custom Content Apps - We made sure Spray Systems would not outgrow their site so easily this time by creating apps to hold content that can be easily added to or modified. This will help avoid "patching up" the site later down the road.
  • Brochure Library - We created a PDF library to make it simpler for Spray Systems to update and share information about their custom spray paint booths.
  • Case Studies - We added a section for case studies so that Spray Systems can share stories of real-world applications of their products.
  • Blog - We updated their simple news feed to a blog - allowing for categorizing, tagging and better SEO.

What's Next?

We've created a extensive online marketing plan for Spray Systems that includes monthly search engine optimization, directory marketing and social media management to boost their rankings in the search results. We look forward to seeing the results of our efforts and helping Spray Systems to become the leading manufacturer of custom spray paint booths.