It's LIVE! - Hole Opener

It's LIVE! - Hole Opener

We're excited to share with you the new! Part of our redesign process includes going through our client's current site with a fine-toothed comb to make sure we understand their business and don't leave anything out of the new site. Well, we had lots of fun with Hole Opener's site. The old site was Flash-based and had numerous sound effects. I admit, this is the first time our team will ever miss a client's previous site but it was really a blast from the past.

What Changed?

  • Product Catalog - The old catalog was cumbersome and difficult to navigate. We used Adobe Business Catalyst's eCommerce module to create a beautiful product catalog which includes downloadable PDFs for each product's documentation, product descriptions and product photos.
  • Custom Quote Form - We updated the quote form so that it's easier to complete and included a call to action on every page to encourage visitors to contact Hole Opener. The form will email results to the designated recipient and automatically save a copy in the CRM.
  • Modern Design - Goodbye Flash! Hole Opener's new website design is cleaner, the text is easier to read, the images are clearer and it's responsive. Now they can view this site on whatever device they like and it will always look great.

Working on this site was a great experience for the Wide Web team. We certainly learned a lot more about hole openers and underreamers than we knew before. Thanks to Hole Opener for the opportunity, we look forward to continuing to work together with you to implement your online marketing strategy.