Four Tips for Writing Website Content

Four Tips for Writing Website Content

What's really important when it comes to website content?

When writing content for your website, there are a couple of really important steps to focus on. 

1. How many words should I have on each page?

One thousand articles will tell you one thousand different answers. When writing website content we suggest at least 500 words for pages about the services or products that you want to be found for in search. Organic search is important for many different reasons, but I think that we can all agree that showing up to potential clients, customers and/or patients is key. This information can be broken down into the basics of the product or service that you're offering. The content is as much for Google as it is for your future client. Make sure that you hit all of the topics that you typically get questions about.

For example:

If the topic is about a surgery that your clinic offers, think about what the patient typically wants to know:

  • How do I prep? 
  • What should I expect? 
  • How long is the recovery?

These are the questions that should be answered in your website copy.

2. Do I really need to pay attention to keywords?

Yes. Keyword rich topics and content are crucial when writing website content. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, this is not a step that you should skip. When building websites, keywords are of the most important pieces we focus on. We provide detailed research on key terms relevant to your industry and then go back into your website content to work them in as naturally as possible.

3. Should I consistently add more content?

Yes. Google periodically crawls your site to look for fresh content. When you write new website content, Google will look through it, file it, organize it and serve it up when someone searches the topic. Keywords are also important to add into news articles, blogs, and events. Don't let your website go stagnant. 

4. Can I steal content from our manufacturer?

They've done all of the research and have all of the information already, why should you rewrite it? Plagiarism. It works the same way for Google as it did in your high school and college classes. Google will give "points" to whoever creates unique content. If you steal content, or just borrow it even with the manufacturer's permission, you will get "points off." (These aren't the terms that Google uses, it's just easier to explain this way.) This is really, really, really important. If you cannot write unique, original content, hire someone who can.

Bonus Tip: Format your website content.

When visitors are using the web, they prefer to skim the content looking for answers quickly. If these visitors are unable to find the information they are looking for, they may bounce (leave immediately) from your site without engaging. Content formatting, such as using bulleted / numbered lists, short one topic paragraphs, and subheadings, make your content easier to skim. Keyword rich subheadings will also make your content more search engine friendly.


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