Our Team: Michelle L. O'Neal

Our Team: Michelle L. O'Neal

Hi! I'm Michelle, Director of Operations at Wide Web Marketing. I hail from the great, state of New York and moved to Louisiana in 2008. Getting used to life in the South was certainly a change but now, I'm glad to say it's really starting to grow on me. I mean, I never have a need to own a heavy coat, I don't have to shovel snow anymore and I can get almost anything through a drive thru; from a daiquiri to my dry cleaning. That's amazing! However, I do miss my family, friends, the beach being 20 minutes away and of course the food! Pizza. Bagels. Bialys. Dim Sum. Rainbow Cookies. I could go on and on.

I admit, when I moved to Louisiana, I had to learn to slow down a little bit. In New York it was always go, go, go and I was always rushing to get everywhere on time. I never really had a "slow day" in New York, but I've now found productive ways to use the slower days... mainly using that time to make longer to-do lists... sorry team!

Why Web?

 I started out as a graduate of New York University's journalism and mass communication program. I quickly learned that being a reporter was not my specialty and I would rather be behind the scenes than chasing a story. So my first job was with a Who's Who publishing company as an Editorial Assistant. After three years I was promoted to Website Manager for the company and that's where I really got my first taste of working in web. I loved it! I found the web to be a magical and powerful place. How could all this code create beautiful and interactive pages?  Why do companies care about their online presence at all? 

I know I've judged a company by their online presence and the information they make accessible online. I wanted to learn how to control that information and how to help companies by making their online presence better. However working on the same website day in and day out was starting to get just a little boring...

How did I end up in Louisiana?

Well it's really bittersweet. I lost the love of my life to a brain tumor and then found the second love of my life in an online video game and ended up moving. I was able to work remotely for a little bit in addition to freelancing while trying to find another job. Well turns out Wide Web Marketing (then Alien Marketing) found me. On LinkedIn. See? Power of the web y'all! I started working with Alien, part-time as a content developer and thankfully business grew and as we hired more employees, my role in the company changed and grew as well.

Why Wide Web?

Every day is something new at Wide Web Marketing - a new client, a new industry, a new topic to learn about. I get to help businesses, form lasting relationships and partnerships, and immerse myself in learning about something new every day. That beats the boredom of working on the same site every day! Throw in a great team, great boss and short commute from home and it's a no-brainer! Outside of development, I've done it all here. I've written content, added content to websites, managed projects, trained clients on Adobe Business Catalyst, handled support requests, created quotes and even sold a site or two! Now my main role consists on making sure the business continues to run as smoothly as possible. I do this by:

  1. Helping our departments find efficient ways of completing tasks and organizing projects
  2. Listening to department and individual needs and finding the software and tools that meet those needs.
  3. On-boarding new employees
  4. Handling fun administrative tasks such as billing, organizing our digital files and setting up accounts

When I'm not Working...

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband, daughters and two dogs. When time permits you'll find that we travel often to see our extended family since none of them live nearby. We've got family in almost every time zone in the US! Pretty much everyone knows that my favorite color is purple (but I don't have any allegiance to LSU). My favorite site that I've worked on to date was for The Lemoine Company. I miss New York pizza but I supplement with my love of boudin and crawfish. Also, if you're searching for my New Yawk accent... you'll have to try real hard to coax it out of me because I kind of keep it under wraps unless I'm either really excited or really mad about something.

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