6 Must-Have Manufacturing Website Features

6 Must-Have Manufacturing Website Features

Wide Web Marketing designs and develops websites for various industries but one industry that we have a lot of experience in, is the Manufacturing Industry. Websites for manufacturing companies need to showcase products well; explaining their uses and specifications. In addition, these websites should clearly state why the product(s) highlighted are better than their competitors’ and appeal to their target audience(s).

If you design and produce your own product, and are looking to have an effective website, here’s a list of 6 things to make sure you include on your site.

1) Product Imagery

Professional-looking images or renderings of products are important to include on your manufacturing company website. Images stick with visitors longer than words and are the first thing they will be drawn to when looking at your site. Great images convey quality and can help visitors know right away if the product meets their needs.

2) Detailed Product Specs

In some cases, product images may speak for themselves, but in most cases you’ll need supporting information to go along with them to give visitors value. This can be in the form of an on-site table displaying your products’ specifications as we’ve done on RAW Tanks; as downloadable PDFs as seen on Spray Systems; just written out as a product description such as with Hole Opener and JohnPac; or a combination of these various methods, as seen on 2M-Tek and Vangard Technologies. We always say the more, the better!

3) Case Studies or Portfolio

Is your product used in various applications? Is it easier to explain / sell with a story or real-life example? If you create custom products, having a portfolio on your website for visitors to reference will give them an idea of what you can create for them. If you have a narrative about that product, then a case study can be even more beneficial. Not only is it an easy way to provide keyword-rich additional content to your site, but you can talk about your design and manufacturing process used to achieve the end product and a satisfied customer. Looking for inspiration? Check out the case studies on Spray Systems and Stella Maris.

4) Clear Call to Action

What do you want visitors to do once they get to your company site? Clear calls-to-action make it easier for them to contact you or view the information you really want them to see. You will always want at least one call to action that points to a way to contact you for more information. This spotlight or button may direct the visitor to the contact page with your address, phone number and a simple contact form or it may take them to a detailed quote request page. Other calls-to-action might take visitors to case studies or a specific product category.

Manufacturing Website Features

5) Industry-Geared Spotlights / Navigation

What if you need to target several industries? Use spotlights or additional navigation to make it easy for different audiences to find what they are looking for. Everyone could use some help to be steered in the right direction. Take a look at PBS Plastics. Their audience was having trouble finding the products that were meant for their industry, so we incorporated two viewing paths so the visitors would immediately be taken to the section that met their needs. JohnPac also does this well by pulling out the three main categories of products into buttons on the home page. Another good example is RAW Tanks which provides different products to three different sectors.

6) Your Unique Factor

Last but not least, what makes your product better than the competition? Make sure you let visitors know why your product is better than anyone else’s on the market. Is it your stringent QA/QC process? Is it because you’ve done extensive research on the market and know the industry’s needs better than anyone else? Perhaps you’ve developed a specific process over the last 20 years that fixes problems your competitors are having. Whatever it is, make sure to tell the audience about it.

These are just a few things we think give an edge to websites in the manufacturing industry. Of course, all sites should include well-optimized, keyword-focused content. If you’d like to improve your site or launch a new site for your product, contact us to discuss your project or start by taking a look at the recent manufacturing websites created by Wide Web Marketing below.